Splendens bouquet and Kadupal update

Freshly picked on 27th April 2017, today’s bouquet features lychnis ‘splendens’ with verbascum, bluebell, apple blossom, photenia ‘red robin’ and hazel foliage. Approx 40cm high, and still largely in bud, these blossoms will unfurl into flower over the next week or so.

In other exciting news the Kadupal plant sent as a gift from Sri Lanka is very much alive!

To recap, I ordered some seeds of the Kadupal plant during a bout of insomnia before moving house. I was taken by the tale of the Kadupal flower, which lasts only one night, has a wonderfully sweet aroma, and is said to be the ‘priceless flower’ as it is so short lived.

This link includes a timelaspse video of the Kadupal bloom. It’s worth a look if you have a few moments to watch something beautiful.

I bought Kadupal seeds from Sri Lanka, along with 42 dollars worth of cactus, maple, and succulent seeds. And they sent me two Kadupal leaves 🍃 as a gift, which I potted into sandy compost.

These leaves sat there looking lifeless for several months. I’d almost lost hope, but recently noticed growth!

They’re very floppy, so I should probably repot them. But I’m thrilled to see these little leaves burst into life!

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