Bouquet #35 ‘Battenberg’ & postage problems

Today’s bouquet is of cornus, weigela, and poppy. I’ve called it Battenberg.

I sent out a few bouquets today and though the packaging is still not perfect, it is much better than my first efforts!

Here’s a view of the packing process.

1. Crystal soil – This is the water absorbing gel that keeps the stems moist. I put the base of the bouquet into these little jelly balls to keep it moist on the journey. 

2. The stems and jelly balls are put into cardboard tubes, and wrapped in cellophane. 

3. Then it’s wrapped with bubble-wrap and plastic pillows and tucked into a cardboard box.

4. Finally, some tissue paper and a little note.

I have been experimenting with different ways to send out bouquets, and this is the best so far. The main problem comes when the recipient isn’t home to get the parcel, and it gets stuck at the depot for a few days.

Today I sent a replacement bunch for a friend whose blooms probably have died in the Walthamstow Post Depot. This time, they are in a in a jiffy bag, which should fit through the letterbox.

Perhaps bouquets in a jiffy is the solution… 

Anyhoop, I’ll post further updates on postage and packaging soon, as this is a tricky thing to get right. But I am encouraged that ‘Pinks By Post’ have been going for more than 30 years, so this posting flowers malarky must be Do-able!

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