Mamma Mia! Here I go…

Today’s bouquet is called Mamma Mia, named for the orange rose that features in the bouquet. This one’s going all the way to Aberdeen – I have packed it very carefully and hope it will arrive in good shape. 170517_MammaMia

In other exciting news, I’ve been offered a place at the next Frome Independent market. This is incredibly exciting, and will be the first time I try to sell garden bouquets in a real live market, so far everything has been online. It’s a bigger pitch than I asked for, but I think I can fill it with lovely things, even if I’m not precisely sure what they will be yet.

This is a little sketch of what I have in mind.



There’s lots to do if this is going to work out, but I have already got quite a lot done. I have four salad baskets, two potato pots, and about 20 vintage vases ready to go. There’s a few dozen strawberry plants, three big pots of peas, half a dozen tomato plants and a few trays of salad. With a little luck, the garden will provide me with plenty of flowers that to make up a couple of dozen bouquets for the stall. I don’t wish to tempt fate, so I won’t list what I hope will be available in two and a half weeks.

I’d also like to have a few buckets of cut stems for kids to ‘pick-a-posy’ – just because that sounds like a fun activity, which might bring people in.

It’s exciting and scary, but I’ll give it my best shot. Fingers crossed it will go ok. At least I’ve figured out the branding and tagline.


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