Magnificum geranium in a vase on Monday

On Monday, Cathy at Rambling in the garden hosts a wonderful meme, where gardeners share a vase of their bestest blooms. My contribution this week is also number 42 of my ‘Today’s Bouquet’ series, a project to cut a new bouquet of garden flowers every weekday, and post them for sale at


The flowers are a magnificently mixed bunch, showing how many new blooms have recently popped up in the garden.

From the top in this image, we have geranium ‘magnificum’ (I think… and I like the name so much that this is definitely the right name ;-). There’s also a peach and orange rose, possibly variety ‘Mamma Mia’ and an anemone that I grew from bulbs called ‘Lord Lieutenant,’ which I’m rather pleased with, and the last stem of the dicentra ‘bleeding heart.


At the bottom row of the picture above, there’s an aquilegia, which popped up (uninvited but very welcome) in the raspberry patch, and the first blooms from knautia macedonica ‘red baron’ which is a plant that comes recommended by Carol Klein, has a long season of prolific flowers, and doesn’t need dead-heading. Expect to see a lot more of this in future bouquets!  There’s also an iris in the bouquet (bottom right of picture) and buds of what I suppose might be snapdragon.

In other garden news, there’s been plenty going on: planting salad baskets, earthing up potato bags, potting on seedlings, scouring charity shops for vases and baskets, and generally getting ready for the first Frome Blooms market stall at the Frome Independent on Sunday 4th June. I’d better crack on with the planning and doing!


8 thoughts on “Magnificum geranium in a vase on Monday

    1. I haven’t tried to grow this from seed, this was from the Saturday market in Frome. There’s a very good flower stall there, with all sorts of good stuff, such as this 🙂

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  1. Magnificum was the first geranium I knew, and has come with me from my parent’s house with a couple of moves in between – I suppose it will always be my favourite. I always get mixed up between knautia and scabious, but I do know that the knautia I have comes back strongly each year which is more than can be said for some of the scabious! You have a alovely collection of blooms today and your iris is perfectly acceptable too…;) ps the Golfer’s birthday is 6th June and it is definitely not a Sunday…


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