Revenge of the gardener

Those of a nervous disposition and people who like slugs, should look away now.

Madame guillotine shows no mercy. I’ve pretty much chopped it in half, but the slimy bugger sticks together. Eww! 

The slug disappeared in moments, most likely eaten by the blackbirds that nest nearby.

In the ongoing battle with slugs I’ve learned a few tips. 

Copper tape helps, it forms a barrier that slugs dislike slithering over. I’ll let you know if this basket of herbs and salad stays slug free.

It’s also useful to elevate your salad, because slugs can’t fly. Here’s a salad basket hanging out on the hammock stand.

My other tip is constant vigilance, and eating your strawberries as soon as they ripen. This one was delicious, and each fruit that I enjoy is a small victory over the slugs. 😋  🍓 

Slugs are annoying, but I’m trying hard to avoid using chemicals against them, because the dead slugs are eaten by birds and hedgehogs and all sorts of wildlife that I don’t want to poison. 

I’m told nematodes do the trick, so I might to give that a try. Meanwhile me and madam guillotine will be on patrol later this evening. 

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