British Flower Week and Gran’s Favourite


Bouquet #64 is selected for scent and just £15 inc P&P at The bouquet smells amazing, with evocative scents from ‘Gran’s Favourite’ cottage pinks, roses, honeysuckle, dill, dame rocket, and salvia. And as a British Flower Week bonus, there’s an additional posy included, with sweet pea and cottage pinks.

As usual, it’s been great fun this week to put together bouquets and posies from the garden, and there’s such a wonderful variety of beautiful scented blooms to share at this time of year! The dame rocket, the purple flowers at the top of this bouquet has been a particular highlight, its such a charming little flower, very long lasting, with a sweet slightly peppery scent. Of course, the stars of the show are the roses and sweetbriars, but I also love the cottage pinks, the purple toadflax, and the yellow-green lady’s mantle in this hand tied bunch.


I’ve even managed to sell a couple bouquets this week, which is incredibly satisfying. Almost all sales so far are from my friends or friends of friends. I’m spending the money from each sold bouquet into online advertising, which is slowly increasing the ‘brand reach’ from a few dozen friends and family to a few hundred facebook users. The marketing experiences from my former life as a business manager are coming in quite handy, although the budgets are much smaller than I used to work with!

Experiments with different packaging options over recent months seem to have paid off. A set of Father’s Day flowers were still good after a couple of days in the depot, and the customer asked what ‘magic’ was used to keep them fresh.

It’s the magic of wet napkins and bubble wrap on the stems, and brown paper packaging tied up with string. FromeBlooms-Packaging

I hope your garden plans and plants are progressing nicely, and if you’d like to buy some lovely flowers, you might like to try

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