On reflection, a bright fuchsia 

Today’s Bouquet, #92, is called ‘Bright Fuchsia’ because I cannot resist an obvious pun.

The fuschia is a new bloom in the garden this week, which means we’re approaching late summer time. This is a great time of year for flowers, the colours get deeper and more intense – richer, darker tones, compared to the pastel tones of spring.

I wanted to  photograph these blooms against a blue sky, but holding the vase up high wasn’t quite working out… It was windy, and I couldn’t get a clear shot of the bouquet and the blue sky while holding the bunch in one hand and the cameraphone in the other.


So I tried a mirror… I quite like the result, but need a bigger mirror for a big bouquet.

The cat was confused by this new magic window in the garden, and convinced that her doppelganger was hiding inside it.

In the end, I used a tatami mat backdrop to photograph today’s bouquet for FromeBlooms.com, where the bouquet shown below is available for £15.

On reflection, I think it’s more important to show clearly what’s on offer than have the blooms against a blue sky…

Bouquet #92, for 3 August, ‘Bright Fuchsia’ with rose, penstemon, sweetpea, anemone, phlox, willow and fuschia.

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