Bouquet 93, Quatre Saisons

Today’s bouquet #93 includes the pink rose ‘quatre saison’ with sweetpea, crocosmia, pelargonium, verbena and foxtail. Full of vibrant, late summer colour, it’s softly scented with sweetpea and rose, and on sale for £15 at

 The light this morning was perfect for the photo, with the bouquet catching the sunshine through the conservatory windows.

I’m not certain of the name of this rose, as it was planted before we arrived here, but it looks a lot like Quatre Saisons, an old rose, with a spreading habit and strong scent.

Its looking like a beautiful day here, and there’s still a few weeks of summer to enjoy. We’re having a bbq tonight (fingers crossed). But a seasonal change is definitely in the air.

But the autumn garden catalogues are arriving, and the sun sets at ten to nine, and bits of the garden are starting to ‘go over.’  The hibiscus is floppy, the sweetpeas are desperate to set seed, and the thyme is blooming. Over the next few days I’m going to rejig and replant some corners and borders, and order too many autumn flowering bulbs.

I hope your garden plants and plans are coming along nicely!

Jen xx

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