Garden update!

 #inmygardenrightnow, I’m sharing a garden selfie and an autumn status update with the gardening gang at the veg plotting blog.

I’d like to share a picture montage and video, of sunset in September in our Somerset garden.

The video is from the bottom of the garden, where a Sun catcher and disco ball hang from the quince tree.

In the video you’ll see the sun catching the disco ball. And then the overgrown Raspberry patch, the huge, hairy artichoke, the messy compost corner & wheelbarrow, and dahlias and gladioli in the long border. 

A few favourites from the garden include quince, tomatoes, dahlia, sweetpea and roses. Apart from the quince, these were all new additions to the garden this year.

I hope your garden plants and plans are coming along nicely, and if you’d like to share #mygardenrightnow, visit The veg plotting blog for more info! 👍😊

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