Bouquet 104 and chicken soup

Yesterday I cut another bouquet from the garden.

This bunch contains dahlia, gladioli, sweetpea, anemone, aster, eucalyptus, and dogwood.

Evening light somehow seems to suit these late summer flowers.

Dahlia, Kennemerland
Sweetpea ‘Sublime scent’
A bee on the verbena
Japanese Anemone ‘Painted lady’
Happy Gardener


As the weather has turned cooler, I’m making bouquets less often, but these late summer colours are amazing. I love the purple and yellow tones. I’m taking orders at FromeBlooms if you’d like to get yourself a bunch. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve harvested another bag of spuds, getting a good big bowlful of king edwards from a a small potato bag planted with two king edward seed potatoes. They went into a soup of chicken stock, veggies and beans, which was hearty and delish and perfect for September as it starts turning chilly.

I hope your garden plants and plans are coming along nicely. Drop me a line or a link and let me know! J x

2 thoughts on “Bouquet 104 and chicken soup

  1. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. We’ll miss seeing your daily bouquets. Have a busy and happy Autumn, preparing for next year. Fond love, Uncle Tom and Auntie Sylv.xx


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