Bouquet 110, and my new favourite song

I’ve made a lot of bouquets from the garden this year, and I’m counting this one made today as number 110.

As I was taking a video of the flowers, my new favourite song, ‘Something for your MIND’ by Superorganism, came on the radio. If you have a mo to listen, turn up the sound for this bouquet fly-by video.

This posy contains lots of homegrown flowers, including a bright blue anemone that I grew from corms in spring,  some yellow & orange nasturtiums grown from seed, and a rather lovely purple and yellow snapdragon also grown from seed, which is in vibrant autumnal shades of yellow and mauve.

It’s not the best posy ever, but it’s not bad for my first year of cut flower gardening here in Frome. Since we arrived in January I’ve planted and picked and arranged garden flowers into posies and bouquets, and learned a huge amount about sowing and growing in the process. The most abundant varieties in my garden at the moment are more ‘mile a minute’ than delicate flowers.

There’s plenty of nasturtiums and not as many roses as I’d like, but those that do bloom are glorious. This one, a gorgeous bright red rose whose name is long forgotten, has been with me for many years and through a few house moves, and it looks fantastic in the autumn sunshine.

There are some amazing flower farms and nurseries nearby, selling a great range of perennials which flower prolifically. Things like viburnum, begonia and others that I can’t recall the names of right now. Lots of great growers come to Frome market and these are some of my recent acquisitions… They will rest up by the kitchen door herb garden for a few days while I decide exactly where they belong.

I got the lucky horseshoe four leaf clover at the Eagle Lane Emporium, made with shoes from thoroughbreds at a nearby stables. It looks rather grand and is sure to bring us luck. 😉

I hope your garden plans and plants are coming along nicely. And if you’d like to buy some lovely flowers, please check out the October collection at



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