Bouquet 112 and the Frome Blooms prize draw!

I love how bright and cheery a little jam-jar posy can be, especially when you cram in as many bright blooms as possible, and mix up the textures with maidenhair fern, willow and eucalyptus foliage.


It looks best when on a crystal pedestal that refracts the sunshine into rainbows, but an ordinary jam-jar will do just fine.


I made this bouquet for the winner of the ‘Frome Blooms Gift Box Prize Draw,’ (which is actually a bit of a tongue twister if you try to say it out loud.)

Here’s the exciting moment when the winner’s name comes out of the hat, along with a look at what you could have won!

Frome Blooms floral gift boxes are available throughout October, for £25 including postage.


Visit to find out more.



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