Anemone ‘St Brigid’ in a vase on Monday


After a busy few weeks, I took a little time out today to scour the garden for any remaining blooms after the recent cold snap.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

There were a few anemones popping up in the ‘fairy garden’ which seem to be a second burst from the ‘St Brigid’ corms I planted out in late spring.  There’s a single, big bright dahlia, from the indefatigable dahlia ‘Kennemerland.’ A slightly wonky, schizostylis coccinea adds an extra splash of pink, and the bright red dogwood stems are still holding a couple of bronze leaves.

The collection is completed with a few smaller blooms around in the garden: heuchera  verbena and viburnum.

If you’d like to see more flowers in a vase on Monday, pop over to Cathy’s blog where she hosts this lovely gardening meme.




5 thoughts on “Anemone ‘St Brigid’ in a vase on Monday

  1. The anemones are especially gorgeous, Jen – next year I am going t try planting them in spring rather than the autumn as I have had limited success from autumn planting, and few have come back for another year


  2. I wish I could grow anemones! They bloom only once, but not the following year. Ranunculus do the same. They are so pretty, and I think that ranunculus look so French. (I don’t know ‘why’ they look French. They just do.) The colors of both are so clear. I particularly like the white and blue anemones (they do not have variety names and I never got Sainte Brigid.) I think mine were lighter blue, sort of denim colored.


  3. What a joy to see your anemones! Perfect with the yellow dahlia! The arrangement makes me feel all summery, although there’s a hint of autumn there. Lovely!


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