First frost and Kadupal update


There was frost on the compost this morning, which means it’s too late to protect any delicate flowers, but it’s beautiful to see the shimmer of ice on the garden.IMG_0731.jpg

It’s a bit magical when frost catches the sunshine and melts into dewdrops…


There’s still some colour in the ‘fairy garden’ with heuchera, pinks and wallflowers still standing despite the chill. The bench is tucked up under a tarp, and the remaining foliage is delightfully autumnal. This ginger cat, Rollo, is a visitor from next door and I’m not sure Davina welcomes his presence.


The untidy corner is still quite untidy, but it’s a much more stylish mess than it was a few months ago. The dogwood clippings and willow partly obscure the water butt and pile of random crap, and the ferns are doing ok under the pear tree.


Now it’s quite cold, and so I’m spending more time with my houseplants… The succulents and kadupal pups are all doing nicely, and I’m happy with this little display in an upstairs window.


The Kadupal is an interesting, (some might say ugly) looking plant.

I first read about the Kadupal flower when we were just about to leave london, and Do The Plan (to sell up, quit the rat race and spend more time in the garden).  The Kadupal is said to be the most precious flower that money can’t buy, as it only blooms for one night, and can’t be cut for a vase. Known as the moonflower, it has an amazing aroma that few are lucky enough to experience.

When I ordered some kadupal seeds from a Sri Lankan supplier, and they sent me two kadupal leaves as a gift.  I popped them into a couple of pots in January, and they’ve grown well ever since.

So it’s another big thanks to Sensi Seeds for the Kadupal cuttings. Although I didn’t have any luck with the seeds, I’m happy to report I have several kadupal plants and so there’s a chance I might experience that wonderful aroma of the moonflower one night in the future.

In other news, I’ve been mucking around with timelapse videos showing that the calathea is quite an active houseplant…

I hope your garden plans and plants are coming along well!





3 thoughts on “First frost and Kadupal update

  1. Is the kadupal the same as kadupul and Epiphyllum oxypetalum? I would not have guessed that to be so unusual, other than it is less common than the colorful epiphyllum. I got mine only a two years ago from a friend in Lompico. I though that it was rare only because it was unpopular. I have other epiphyllum, but I really wanted the white one. I got a dozen pieces (six pieces cut in half) and they grew very well, but got frosted last winter (!). I did not expect that. They are rather pale now, but otherwise healthy.


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