In a vase on Monday, a very busy day

You know how they say ‘if you want a job done give it to a busy person’…

Well, today’s done list looks like this:

In a vase this morning, honeysuckle, white geraniums, purple chive flowers, and white yarrow…


As design is an iterative process, and my vase was created on the fly, I added a couple of pink penstemon to finish the display.

Now with added penstemon (and washing on the line)

This bouquet was picked from our garden this morning, and the honeysuckle gives it a sublime sweet scent. I didn’t have time for pretty snaps to share with Cathy’s crowd, but more on that later.

I took the bouquet to work, to brighten the desk at the office, where we published a blog about top tips from the Swindon business show, including how respectful management has benefited the England Football team.  I don’t normally blog about w*rk here, as part of the plan is to do more garden and less office time, but that’s my personal best crow-bar of a sporting event into a b2b marketing strategy, and so merits a mention…

Blog - DTP

After work I updated the SELCo Forest School’s Facebook page, with some lovely pictures from the Frome Children’s festival held yesterday in the park. I’m enjoying being part of the Shared Earth Learning co-op, we offer Forest School activities and aim to nurture a love of nature, although yesterday all I really did was serve lemonade and ice-cream to Alyson and Alex, the forest school teachers, and take a few snaps…


So finally, I took a moment to post here, about ‘doing the plan’ right now, and sharing my love of flowers with friends all over the internet.

Early morning vase , with laundry and morning sunshine.

So here’s a picture of freshly picked blooms, in a vase on Monday, to share with Cathy and the gang at Rambling in the Garden, a beautiful blog on which a lovely community share pictures of the best of what’s growing in their garden. To see more lovely bouquets, visit Cathy’s blog, or see the hashtag #inavaseonmonday on Insta.

I’m especially pleased that the Achillea millefolium (common yarrow) in this arrangement is one I grew from seeds started last year when we first arrived in this new garden. Sparkly seedlings from February last year are doing nicely and look great in a vase. Admittedly I have only a few to spare and share right now, but I’m still claiming victory!

As ever, I hope your plans and plants are coming along nicely.

Jen x



3 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday, a very busy day

  1. White geranium rox! I have a few at work. they are a bit sloppy because they do not shed their faded flowers like the others do, but they are the pretties! (Of course, white is my favorite color.) The white yarrow rox too of course; and then there is honeysuckle for fragrance and style!


  2. Gosh – I thought my Mondays were busy! What a variety of busy-ness you manage to cram in, Jen, and all positive stuff too. Having the time to squeeze in a Vase on Monday must have been the icing on the cake – love the stripey blue vase and well done on the yarrow!


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