I like big butts and hammock-time.

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. We have four big butts collecting rainwater in the garden, and they’re all running low, so I would like even more big butts in future.

The big green water butt by the greenhouse, and the parched lawn.

I also like saying ‘I like big butts and I cannot lie’ in the style of Sir Mixalot,. He expresses a fondness for big butts in the classic hit ‘baby got back’ although he refers to ladies backsides rather than rainwater containment systems.

Everything’s parched and although there’s no hosepipe ban in place in the Bristol water area where we live, the advice is to use water carefully, so we’re allowing the lawn to go crisp and dry rather than using lots of water trying to keep it lush and green.

I’m using ‘grey water’ from washing up and laundry to water my non-edible plants, and we’re using collected rainwater from our big butts where we can, although they’re all running low and still the the garden is parched.

In this sunny weather, it gets too hot for any gardening, so it’s time to STOP for hammock time. This is when Sir Mixalot makes way for MC Hammer, and you can’t touch it.

STOP! Hammock time

Whatever the weather, I hope your plans and plants are coming along nicely. If you have any daft songs that spring to mind when you’re in the garden, let me know in the comments.

Jen x

2 thoughts on “I like big butts and hammock-time.

  1. Here in the north we have no such excuse. Our grass is still very green, but G fed and watered it the other day so it would be nice for my Sopranos & Altos garden party yesterday. No, we did not sing. We stuffed ourselves and drank prosecco, and talked about gardening rather a lot of the time. I like the idea of using washing-up water for the non-edible plants, particularly those in pots that always get watered from watering cans even if there isn’t an impending water shortage. Mandy xxx


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