Butterfly bush in a vase on Monday

I’m a big fan of butterflies, which means I’m a fan of buddleia, the butterfly bush that attracts them.

These purple buddleia blooms were plonked in a jug along with some self-seeded feverfew, a geranium, and a bright pink carnation. Its a cheery display to share with Cathy’s marvellous gang of gardeners  ‘In a vase on Monday.’ 


The window sill of my home office is looking bright. I know that flowers shouldn’t really be in the window, as they won’t last as long in direct sun, but at this time of year there’s not much direct sunshine, so I reckon its worth it.


This autumn, almost two years after moving in, I have finally got my home office set up just right, and this is the view from the desk, with the flowers in a vase.

Realising I am not actually entirely sure about the names of all the flowers in the vase. I referred to this charming guidebook that I picked up for 50p at a book sale this weekend.


It’s a lovely book, but hasn’t really helped identify the flowers. I thought the small white ones were feverfew, but the centres seem more green than yellow, so I’m not quite sure what they are… I think they’re from a wildflower seed packet of ‘mixed wildflowers’ which isn’t terribly helpful.

For more collections of flowers, many of which are properly identified and artfully arranged, please visit Cathy’s blog and see what gardeners are sharing in a vase on Monday this week.

As ever, I hope your plans and plants are coming along very nicely.

Jen x

One thought on “Butterfly bush in a vase on Monday

  1. Oh, I read that as self seeded geranium. I thought that was pretty rad to get a white one. That just doesn’t happen. Self seeded feverfew makes more sense. That stuff really gets to be a weed if it gets the chance.


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