Hellebore in a vase on Monday


Some flowers look best in the simplest arrangements, and don’t need fancy accoutrements.

Like these hellebore.


I’ve added just a few stems of honeysuckle foliage to support the stems and fill out the gaps at the base of the vase, but nothing else seemed necessary.

Cathy and her merry throng of garden bloggers share pictures of flowers ‘In a Vase on Monday.’ This week Cathy’s collection features anemones and hyacinth in blues in whites, and the British bloggers are sharing snapshots of daffodils, muscari, voilas and even tulips! It certainly is an early spring.

Hellebores are fabulous right now. I videoed this same patch a couple of years ago, when they were also looking at their best.

This patch of mixed hellebores was established long before we arrived in this garden, it’s a gorgeous collection and I’ll be sad to leave it behind – but we’re on the move soon to a new place, with a whole new garden to explore (fingers crossed).

As we’re about to move, I’m not planting anything new into the garden, which has given us a bit more free time to explore the wonderful National Trust gardens in our area. We visited the Courts Garden, in Holt, Wiltshire over the weekend, and saw delightful collections of hellebores…

and many other beautiful views.

Much as I love a mooch around a marvellous garden, I do love to do the planting in my own green space, and so I can’t wait to get stuck into the new place and out of this gardening limbo time, when there’s no point planting new things yet… Even seedlings would be a hassle to move, and not really worth doing when (fingers and toes crossed) we’ll be in our new place within a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy the planting schemes in other gardens, before we start getting stuck into our own plans and planting in the new place.

I hope that your plants and plans are coming along nicely.

Jen x

5 thoughts on “Hellebore in a vase on Monday

  1. I went through that same feeling just over a couple of years ago….its strange, but now you know where you are moving to, you will be planning your new garden. Are you moving far away? Make sure you take cuttings of your favourite plants…..


  2. How I wish my own hellebores bloomed so prolifically! Best wishes with your move. I agree with Noelle – take cuttings. I still miss some of the plants I left behind 8 years ago.


  3. What a lovely long and erect stem your hellebore seems to have, even if you do say you have used some honeysuckle to help support it – so pretty. I do hope your move goes well and that your new property has all the garden space that you need. Will be putting your flowers entreprise on hold this year? As Noelle says, do think what you would miss when you move and take offshoots or cuttings – it would be a shame to regret it later


  4. Okay, when you put it that way, they are not so bad. I used to grow them, but never understood the allure. Client purchased as many as we could grow. I could not talk them out of it. There were some that I did not think were good enough, but they took them anyway, and insisted that they will look better when they get to growing. I think they look better in other regions, but they do not do so well here.


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