More trees please

It’s a beautiful sunny spring day, and this afternoon I’ll be by the river planting trees.

The ‘Tree Day’ event is free, organised by Tree Group Frome and Shared Earth Learning. The plan to plant these trees was devised in a chance conversation on Potato day. (That’s the kind of thing that happens in Frome.)


“Come join Shared Earth Learning and The Tree Group Frome down by the river to help plant hawthorns, hazels, elder, guelder rose, willows, dogwoods and many other species to benefit our local area.  “

More info on

I haven’t planted many trees before, so I’m looking forward to this. I hope they’ll do well and I’ll learn a bit more about our native trees.

The whole of Frome was once a thick forest. It’s easy to forget that what we think of as ‘natural landscape’ isn’t really natural. The rolling fields and hedgerows we see are a landscape of agriculture, and without human intervention this would all be trees.

I’m not actually advocating entire reforestation of Frome, that would be excessive.

But I’d like to see a few more trees, please, for the birds and bees.

If you are in Frome, why not pop down to Weylands between 1-4 to join the tree day fun. Details at

4 thoughts on “More trees please

  1. 1973——- Local schools had a project “ plant a tree in 73”. Our young son went to school with 15p. And came home with a root on a bent twig. Despite it’s sad appearance we planted it at the back of the garden. Today we are the proud owners of a beautiful hanging Birch tree. Having a washing line attached to it means we do not need tumble dryer. We also have spent delightful hours watching great tits raising their young in the bird box we put in it several years ago.
    We wish you success with your tree planting. Auntie Sylv and Uncle Tom.



  2. We plant trees in Los Angeles on January 18 annually. They are our birthday trees. We plant the same number of trees as our birthday. For example, when we turned thirty in 1997, we planted thirty trees. When we turned fifty in 2017, we planted fifty trees. We started out with trees that I grew, but we now procure them locally.


      1. Of course, if you need more trees. It is not our idea anyway. It is a common tradition. We just happen to do it on a larger scale. It only started out on such a large scale because we happened to have a situation in Los Angeles where we wanted to put that many trees, and I happened to have a slightly imperfect crop of redwood. (Yes, our first group of thirty trees was redwoods. We wanted to see how well they would do there.) By the second year, we found a supply of free trees for such applications, so were able to procure manna gums that are more appropriate to the climate. Our first set was only temporary, because we wanted the beautify the wide median of San Vicente Boulevard for the next many years until the trolley system was installed. It is sad that they are gone now, but it really was worth the effort to get trees in there for a while.


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