In a vase on Monday: New old favourites

Up early today, so there’s time to share homegrown flowers in a vase on Monday…


There’s a little pink rose of some sort, white snapdragons and lady’s mantle.

The petals in the vase are from garden roses that flopped yesterday. In the five ish weeks since we arrived, the roses, snapdragons and lady’s mantle on the sunny bank have gone crazy with flowers. Many of my favourites are here: elderflower, lupin, geranium, honeysuckle and roses. Lots of lovely roses. The pink rose bush by the summer house is in the sunniest spot, producing beautiful blooms.

Here they were in their prime, a couple of days ago.


The little bronze jug was a gift from my mum, that she picked up in a charity shop.


I’d better crack on with the week – it looks set to be a busy one…

For more homegrown flowers in a vase on Monday, head over to Cathy’s blog, or check out the hashtag on Instagram.

And I hope that your plants and plans are coming along very nicely.

Jen x



7 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: New old favourites

  1. It must be so exciting discovering what treasures are hidden in your new garden, and what a lovely result so far! Let’s hope there are many more


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