Six on Saturday: Serpent garlic, ballerina rose and spaceflowers

This intriguing plant is Alium Ophioscordon, aka Serpent Garlic, and we couldn’t resist it’s twirly charms.


We bought this plant, along with a golden oregano and a few pinks, at the Wells Country Garden Festival. It’s held at the beautiful gardens at the Bishops Palace in Wells, it’s on until tomorrow, and well worth a visit…

My second selection for Six on Saturday  – a wonderful way to share garden highlights with bloggers round the world – is Rosa Ballerina. There’s bucketloads of it, ready for vases.

This pink, pretty rose grows around the front door, perhaps a tad too vigorously. After another big prune, its under some sort of control, for now, and you don’t have to duck to reach the front door quite so much.


A third highlight to share with the Propagator’s gang of ‘Six on Saturday’ bloggers is petunia pegasus ‘nightsky’, a plant that we tend to call  the ‘spaceflower’

This striking variety was “the result of many years of careful selection by Italian plant breeder Antonella Capo” according to the RHS. It was the cover star of many a seed catalogue, and at the moment it’s occupying a prime spot on the patio.


The whole garden is getting a bit better organised. It’s been a thoroughly wet week, but I’ve managed a bit of pruning and planting during occasional breaks in the rain.

My fourth highlight would be this gravel patio,  by the back steps. It’s currently home to the spaceflowers, a rusty old fire-basket full of pinks, and a few pretty pots of succulents and lobelia.


Also in this spot are a few brassica seedlings that we picked up for 20p each at the Bishop of Bath and Wells’ garden shop, along with that serpent garlic and the pinks.


One of the plants has the irresistible name of ‘Lily the Pink’


Which means I have to end with this silly old scouse song, that my mum sang to me when I was little. Check out the terrific dancing in this performance, featuring Merseybeat poet Roger McGough…

For more garden highlights, if not silly songs, visit the Propagator to see what other gardeners have shared for ‘Six on Saturday.’

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Serpent garlic, ballerina rose and spaceflowers

  1. Love love that Spaceflower and that curly garlic! The gravel patio is sooooo nice and adds to your garden just right. Your house looks like a little cottage! Is it? Is it very old?


  2. The petunia is pretty cool. Some have found them to turn mostly dark blue with only a few white spots. More have found them to turn white with only a bit of blue. They are rad regardless of what they do.

    Liked by 1 person

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