Six on Sat: Oak, Unicorn, peashoots, sweetpeas, pots and cat.

On TV coverage of the Hampton court flower show, a woman discussed ‘dressing-gown gardening.’

I wonder how many gardeners potter about in their nightwear, and find that a little light weeding rapidly develops into an epic prune, for which they’re inappropriately attired?

Maybe just me.

At the bottom of the garden we have a wild area, which is now home to a large pile of clippings, from the overgrown honeysuckle and the spiky bushes.

A massive pile from pruning, and a funky pose in my dressing gown. 🙂

(I’m enhancing my MOJO through powermoves, prancercise and literal dance so I struck a funky pose for a shadow selfie. Dancing around like an idiot is the best exercise, and if you’re in Frome and in need of a funky workout, check out Mojo moves. )

As we are fairly new to this garden, we are not planning any major interventions in the first year we’re here, so we can see what plants emerge and how the garden changes through the seasons.

But, there are a few big plants that are way out of hand. So although I’m not removing anything *yet* some plants have have been seriously pruned back, including the apple trees, the bay, that enormous himalayan honeysuckle (that we hope isn’t himalayan balsam), and the vines creeping over the roses.

A few treats have emerged from the overgrowth. Like this oak sapling. Perhaps a squirrel put an acorn there for safekeeping. It’s a pretty little sapling, I’ll give it a bit of space and see how it does.


My next highlight for the Propagator and his gang of garden bloggers sharing ‘Six on Saturday,’ is this unicorn crown. The horse head was in the garden when we arrived, and I’ve had a feeling that it ought to be a unicorn. So I’ve made a crown from the honeysuckle and hazel nearby, using contorted hazel to make a sort of horn. It’s a work in progres, and a fine distraction from proper garden work. Me and my husband found ourselves balancing twisted hazel stems onto the horse for quite a while yesterday.

We possibly could have done something more useful, but the sight of this ramshackle wannabe unicorn brightens my day.


Next up, peas!

We love peas, and peashoots, and so these keveldon wonder peas were among the first seeds I planted when we arrived. We almost have enough to garnish an omelette, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a triumph in self-sufficiency 😉


Another triumph is these sweetpeas. Planted from seedlings purchased at the local co-op, they’re small but perfectly formed, and I’ve picked a few for the tiny vase on my desk. Along with a little pink they make a wonderful sweet bouquet.


My next highlight is pots, which refers to the potager container garden that’s developing on the gravel patio. All the borders are pretty much full, and the veg patch is partly shaded, so I’ve planted up vegetables and herbs into containers placed on the sunny gravel patio.

This way, I can put the tomatoes into the sunniest spots, and there are tasty herbs by the kitchen door.


The wooden crates were £3 each from a pallet yard nearby, and lined with compost bags they should last for year or two. This one contains tomato, caraway and thyme and has a very simple willow support arch.

Finally, my sixth garden thing for Saturday is the cat. Not a garden feature, but possibly the reason why the french beans I planted in this spot have disappeared.


Well, that’s my six for Saturday. Pop over to the Propagators blog to see what else is growing on this week.

And as always, I hope that your plans and plants are doing well.

Jen x

8 thoughts on “Six on Sat: Oak, Unicorn, peashoots, sweetpeas, pots and cat.

  1. Wow, your garden is looking great and I laughed at the “dressing gown gardening” I definitely am a “night gown” gardener. My neighbors probably think that is the only way I garden since I’m out in the garden early in my gown with my cup of coffee checking things out and then one thing leads to another, I’m deadheading, pulling weeds, filling the fountain and then “oh, my it’s noon!” Love the wreath on the NEW UNICORN, he’s definitely a keeper!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think there’s probably thousands of nightgown gardeners pottering about in the morning 🙂 glad you like the unicorn. Might call it Willowstone. Hazelconcrete is more accurate but less romantic.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve grown peas again this year, dont know why I bother. Such a pointlessly small crop. It must take an entire field of pea plants to fill a bag of frozen peas.


  3. Sorry to say I don’t even bother w/the dressing gown – out in my nightie, watering this, uncovering that, taking a photo hither & yon while my neighbours unabashedly hang out their top windows, watching. That’s the type of area we live in. You’ve got a great attitude towards your new garden. Many more exciting finds & adjustments to you!


  4. Are oaks a problem there? We constantly pull up seedlings of coast live oak and tanbark oak, and sometimes, we pull up seedlings of canyon live oak. We plant none. The oaks that are here are seedlings that got away, either intentionally, or because of neglect.


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