Autumn in a vase on Monday

I love nasturtiums, roses and michealmas daisies, and popped down to the bottom of the garden to pick a few for a vase on Monday.


These flowers are late summer stars for the lazy gardener, they’re all fairly easy to grow and produce a generous quantity of flowers.


The pink roses are from the bottom of the garden, and are very pretty despite a little blackspot on the leaves. Nobody’s perfect.

The  yellow nasturtiums are a delight – I love them and so do the bees.


The laurel foliage is from our neighbours hugely overgrown hedge, which may actually be pruned this weekend… Updates may follow. 🙂

The michelmas daisy will hopefully keep flowering until the first frosts. It has a pretty yellow centre, that the yellow nasturtium complements in the vase.

The vase itself was made in Japan, and purchased for £1.50 from a local charity shop. Bargain!


I’m happy with this little collection, and I’ll share with Cathy’s gang of floral fans, ‘In A vase on Monday.’ To see what else has been gathered to start the week, visit Cathy’s blog.



4 thoughts on “Autumn in a vase on Monday

  1. The colours are so vibrant and seem to say…it is still Summer! I have started to use my Nasturtium leaves and flowers in mixed salads…pretty and delicious!


  2. Gosh, your vase was indeed a bargain and a great shape for these favourites of yours – it looks so bright and summery despite it being mid September (really? still hard to believe it is!)


    1. Nasturtiums are SO rad! I know many of us would not admit to liking them. I have been growing them since I was a kid. My colleague down south refers to them as ‘dago pansies’.


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