Wax Begonia and upturned plans

Begonias are a bit old fashioned, but they’re incredibly tough and reliable. These wax begoinas were locally grown, although the plant originates from South America.

The begonia is a beautiful bloom. Sneered at by the fashionable for decades, it is popular and widely available at garden centres. You’ll often see variants of the begonia brightening up hanging baskets and front gardens.

They’re fairly easy to propagate from cuttings, and having said that I reckon I ought to give it a go. For tips on taking cuttings: https://gardenerspath.com/plants/flowers/grow-wax-begonias/

It’s 1st Nov 2020, and the UK’s about to go into another lockdown. Most things I’d planned to do will need a rethink. There’s something that very much appeals about the simple pleasure of propagating a begonia.

Hope your plants are doing well, even if it seems that all plans have been overturned…

J x

One thought on “Wax Begonia and upturned plans

  1. They are both a warm season annual and a cool season annual here. Those that get planted in spring perform through summer, and then rot in the rainy and cool weather of winter. Those that get planted in autumn may get slightly frosted through winter, but (near the coast) perform through winter, and then roast in the warmth of spring. I prefer to grow them as perennial, and cut them back in the in between seasons. Some do not last more than a few years, but easily replace themselves with layered stems or cuttings.


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