Hellebore in a vase on Monday

I haven’t put a posy of garden flowers together for ‘in a vase on Monday’ for absolutely ages, so here is my first ‘today’s bouquet’ of the year.. With hellebore, hebe, rosemary and bay.

I faffed around for a while this morning, finding the right spot for this posy…

These are gorgeous, simple little blooms. Some hellebores have double forms and bright colours, but I’m very taken with the simplicity of these flowers.

It’s an ice and roses Hellebore from our front garden, a Christmas gift from my mum and dad, that I planted out in January:

The Prinknash pot was made by monks, who are known for these lovely metallic glazes. I don’t think the monastery / pottery is still a going concern, so this little pot is a special relic of a lost monastic craft.

Visit Cathy’s blog for ‘In a vase on Monday’ to see more hand picked collections…

This week she’s seeing doubles…

4 thoughts on “Hellebore in a vase on Monday

  1. Gorgeous, Jen! I so love hellebores — we have them in both front and back gardens, in various colours. They’re not fully up & out yet here, though — just buds crouching at ground level. We do have a couple of rosemary flowers, though. Gosh, i remember Prinknash pottery from the 70s! That lustrous glaze is lovely.

    Brill talking to you two last evening! While finding our where to buy *Four Hedges*, i was swamped in pictures of Clare Leighton’s work — it’s really beautiful. I’ll deff buy a copy. Little Toller Press is interesting, too.

    Loads of love to you both, M Xoxoxoxox

    Virus-free. http://www.avast.com

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  2. What a pristine white hellebore an the hebe and herb foliage set it off prettily, supported by the iconic Prinknash vase – such recognisable pottery! Your montage of photos is really effective
    Hopefully see you again soon 👍

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  3. Is bay Laurus nobilis? That is what it looks like. Besides, I suspect that is what is grown as bay everywhere else. Ours is Umbellularia californica, which is a much larger tree. They grow wild here.

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