28 plants to transplant: garden update and inventory

We’re moving from London to Somerset on Monday, and taking much of the garden with us. So we booked one removal van for the house, and another one for the garden.

Here’s what’s ready for the journey so far. Read on if you like reading lists of much loved plants!

1. The pot from the front door containing honeysuckle and bacopa


2. Pot of lavender, and assorted spring bulbs.

3. The big bay tree and sage from the herb bed. These are big beasts and full of flavour.

4. The rhodedendron bush, obviously. It has the most enormous, unfashionably showy pink flowers and I love it.

5. #WeddingGift Fushia. Thanks Kathleen!


6. #Birthday Camelia. Thanks Kieran xxx.



7. Sycamore seedling

8. Cyclamen in a basket

9. Blueberry bush

10. Blackberry bush

11. Apple tree

12. Holly seedling

13. Holly tree

14. Flowering cherry (dwarf)

15. Jasmine

16. Lots of dianthus (aka ‘Cottage Pinks’). These plants provided some of the table flowers for our wedding a few years ago. They have a wonderful aroma and I couldn’t bear to leave them behind.

17. Dahlia ‘smartie.’ This plant seems to have somehow turned from pink and white dahlia into an all white one over the past the couple of years. So I want to see what happens to it next.

18. Wallflowers

19. Perennial sweetpea

20. Pink rose

21. Peach rose – this is one of the oldest plants I have, I bought it in Woolworths, in about 2004, and this will be its 4th house move with me.


22. Miniature yellow rose.

23. A dead looking hibiscus is coming too, I think its probably only resting.

24. Cuttings of #Brucie  the #Birthdayplant forsythia. (Thanks Vivi) I’m also bringing big branches of this with me in the car, to brighten up the new place and take more cuttings from.


25. Cuttings of the penstemon (perennial purple flower) that we loved last year

26. Cape Daisy cuttings (in the mini-greenhouse since Dec, and looking a bit chilly).

27. Perlagonium Grandiflorum cuttings. This is a lovely variety, which specifically prohibits propagation on the label. But this is not a propagation, merely an insurance policy in case the main plants die off this winter in their exposed location.


28. The rather large ‘red robin’ tree that lives in the middle of the table.

Erm… that’s it for this list for now. But there’s more to do today.

I hope they all fit in the van!


3 thoughts on “28 plants to transplant: garden update and inventory

  1. All wonderful things to move, dearest Jen — may they grow and prosper in their new home. When we moved across town in 2002, we brought only a few things, but they included some snowdrops which originally came from Graham’s grandmother’s garden near Church Stretton — there were clumps on Brighton, Islington, and Rosemount, and we still have some. Also the Rosa mundi. Lots of love to you and all your plants!


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