A gift from Sri Lanka

Today some very special seeds arrived, along with a gift. 

A month ago, on our last night in London, I ordered seeds of the Kadupal plant, from http://www.sencirareseeds.com/ in Sri Lanka.

Kadupal is called ‘the priceless flower’ as it only lasts for one night and can’t be bought in a bouquet. It’s said to have a wonderful aroma and resemble a reflection of the moon. 

Enchanted by this story, and insomniac due to moving stress, I ordered Kadupal seeds from Sri Lanka. And after a month they arrived, along with a gift of two Kadupal plant cuttings. I’ve potted the cuttings up right away and hope they’ll grow well after their long journey. 


How nice of Sensi Seeds to send a gift with the order! Thanks guys 🙂

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