Deep purple 

Today’s bouquet is called Deep Purple, and it’s what Mary Berry might call ‘informal’ as it’s wider than it is tall. This may not be neat or fit well in a picture, but what the hey, I  quite like a slightly wonky bouquet.

The bouquet features weigela, (pronounced why-jella, according to a video I saw) which is a plant I’ve not seen much before. It’s a HUGE bush in the garden near the greenhouse and it is just about to burst into bloom. I hope it lasts well in a vase. If so, I expect there will be much more weigela in future bouquets.  There’s also photenia ‘red robin’ and malus royalty crab apple in the bouquet, along with heuchera ‘black beauty’ foliage and ‘little cutie’ flowers.

We’re lucky to have many butterflies visiting the garden this spring, and despite the drizzle there were a few flitting about today.  🦋 

I’ve planted out a couple more miniature roses in the flower garden, these were cheap ones from Lidl, and I hope they’ll survive the transition from a Dutch greenhouse to a supermarket and to the garden…

It would feel like cheating to include these in a fromeblooms daily bouquet, as they’re not really representative of the seasonal flowers in the garden, but I’ll cut some of these roses for me (and to share) over the weekend.

And finally, I’m starting a project to elevate my favourite strawberries. I want to make planters that I can hang over the triangle veg beds, and have cobbled something together…  It’s a work in progress. 

There’s always a thousand things to do in the garden, but if I get just a few more done and started tomorrow I’ll be happy and making progress.

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