Six on a soggy Saturday


On a wet morning I’m not popping out to photograph the garden, so my six on Saturday this week are all about the indoor plants.

I’ve taken snaps during my usual weekend watering routine, which generally begins with the bonsai pictured above. Next up, are cacti, grown from seed sown last February. They’re almost an inch tall after 18 months or so… I do like a plant that doesn’t hurry.



These cactus seedlings seem quite happy in this little glass display case on the window ledge. They don’t need much water in winter.  I’m keeping an eye out for tiny containers to plant them into to replace the cat treat trays, but haven’t found the right thing yet. The cat treat trays do fine for now. 🙂

Next up, is the money plant. Every home should have one, because they’re easy care and attractive, and they’re said to bring good fortune. 20181006_093515

Continuing the indoor tour, I’ve got a spider plant with many offspring. This plant is a second generation from a plant baby that I picked up many years ago. I got it from the bathroom windowsill at the Walthamstow Bowling Club as a memento from a friend’s wedding party about 7 years ago.  I love plants with stories, and watering this one always reminds me of Tom and Rachel’s wedding.


Also in that picture is a lovely card from my aunt and uncle, who sent me some delightful comments about this blog, and some honesty seeds from their garden. Thanks Tom & Sylvia, I’ll plant them out in spring. 🙂

Out in the conservatory, I’ve got an experiment in progress. This gorgeous red vase contains ‘crystal soil’ and gladioli bulbs, which I planted indoors and absurdly out of season.

I put them in into the vase in August just to see what would happen.

I’ve added a gladioli bloom from the garden, which makes this a pretty display for now, and I hope that sometime the August planted gladioli bulbs might bloom. At any rate the foliage is nice, and it’s an interesting experiment to try a few bulbs indoors, entirely out of season, and see what emerges…


And finally, a view of the garden. I’m not stepping out in that rain this morning!

If you’re hiding from the rain today and fancy a nosey aroud people’s gardens, visit the propagator to see what’s been shared for Six on Saturday this week.


6 thoughts on “Six on a soggy Saturday

  1. Money plant? I know it as jade plant. It is very common, and can be too common. I grew many of them in a planter box that I did not want to put much effort into. They developed into a nice low hedge of that glossy rubbery foliage. They really are kewl.


  2. Your glad experiment intrigues me. Hopefully you’ll remember to let us know how it turns out. Since you put the cut glad in the vase, is there water or do the crystal provide enough for the cut flowers? And loved the video. Such a treat, seeing someone’s garden in live motion. You’ve made a really welcoming place, both inside & out.


    1. Update! The bulbs produced leaves which looked great for about 4 weeks, then flopped back scrappily. I’ve popped them into a pot in the garden, and will cross fingers for next spring 🙂

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